It’s that time of year again. We’re beginning to see commercial and technological reviews of 2017 and forecasts for 2018. Some of them may be biased, irrelevant or just plain misjudged, but others offer genuine insight

Over the closing weeks of 2017 Jane Systems will share our thoughts on HR and systems development trends, and as always we’ll be here to help our clients and partners stay ahead of the curve.

When we began our journey as a HR software provider at the turn of the 21st century the phrase “employee wellness” wasn’t in common usage. But we did start out a firm grasp of the concept of engaging staff, catering for their best interests and making them happier and more productive. That’s why from our earliest days in business Jane software has focused on delivering interaction, communication and quality of experience in the workplace. Today, with wellness rightly high on most corporate agendas, that’s proving to be a wise choice. When analysts tell us the employee wellness market could be the next big thing for 2018 we politely remind them that for us, it’s always been a big thing.

The move towards a happier, healthier workforce isn’t a trend to be adopted one year and sidelined the next. It’s a way of thinking that reduces staff turnover, improves productivity and puts money in your pocket

Wellness initiatives may have started out with a focus on health and ways of stopping employee burnout, but as valuable as preventative measures are the focus for today and tomorrow is more on enhancing performance. Put simply, it’s not just about stopping your people collapsing in a heap when issues come to a head. It’s about delivering a working environment where they never get close to that level of disenchantment and distress. It’s about helping them deliver optimum performance.

In Britain in 2016/17, a staggering 25,700,000 sick days were lost to work-related ill-health. Not all of those absences could have been avoided, of course, but how many of them could? Without an effective HR system in place that becomes a far more difficult question, because you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Jane software delivers measurable improvements exactly where you need them. The Jane self-service portal puts employees in charge of their own HR records, encouraging them to shape their own career development. Increased training activity and an overall sense of engagement, direction and pride in performance ripple out through your workforce. Things get better, not because of a trend but because of a positive, self-sustaining workplace culture.

If people are ill, they need to take time off and recover. If they’re unhappy and on the path to illness or a change of job, that’s different. It’s fixable, and we can help you fix it. That was true last year, it’s true this year and it’ll be true next year.

Stop wishing for employee wellness and start planning for it with Jane

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