Who are Jane ?

Digitising HR & Payroll means more than just saving time!

Jane Systems provide HR and Payroll applications to a wide range of organisations across the UK.

Our comprehensive portfolio of innovative and agile applications; ensure that your organisations HRM and Payroll activities are drivers for the engagement and development of your team.

The Jane suite of applications covers all aspects of HR and Payroll including Self-Service, Recruitment, Payroll, Skills, Talent & Performance Management, Learning & Development, Salary Review, Workflows and much more.

Using our HMRC Accredited Payroll solutions ensures your payroll runs dependably and efficiently, regardless of whether your a small company or a large payroll bureau.

Whether you are looking for specific stand-alone modules or a totally integrated human resource management solution, we have all the components necessary to successfully manage every stage of the employee life cycle - from applying for a vacancy - all the way through to retirement.

You can employ our solutions through local or cloud based implementations, stand-alone or integrated with your Financial Accounting solution or Business Systems, including Microsoft Business Central ,formerly Dynamics, implementations. Your Microsoft Partner can provide you with a clear understanding of how the Jane modules seamlessly integrate with their Business Central offering

Jane Systems