How many times have you visited a friend’s house and found it to be exactly what you expected, a moroless perfect reflection of their personality? It’s natural to shape the home environment in our own image. How else can we find comfort and safe haven?

With many of us spending as much time at work as at home, is the office now a place for creature comforts?

We personalize desks.

We arrange furniture for comfort and familiarity.

Some of us even bring our pets to work.

When we look through the keyhole into the modern British workplace, what do we learn about individuals and the organisations they serve?

Commercial property specialists have researched 2018 trends and the results give us plenty of clues.

We’re prioritising adaptability and collaboration, with flexible office set-ups that encourage colleagues to interact, share ideas and create a motivation culture.

We’re not only aware of the need to be tech-savvy, we’re eager to keep our organisations on the cutting edge of sector-specific developments

The concern for employee well-being is real, and it’s being actioned in measurable ways.

For those of us whose working lives have included spells in miserable, claustrophobic cubicles this is a welcome development. As a graduate I worked at the Head Office of a major retail plc and saw both sides of corporate life. When I had to deliver a report to directors, I took the elevator to a higher floor with plush carpets I was not permitted to walk on and penthouse-like offices where I was not permitted to sit. Descending back to my own floor, I would contort myself into a cubicle the size of a large dog kennel and settle down for a day’s work that might feature little or no human contact.

A workplace is meant to be an engine of productivity, and employers have every right to step in when they see that being hindered. But a sense of contentment and satisfaction doesn’t have to be a hindrance, and the combination of personal comfort and professional development can work wonders.

According to the fashionable 2018 office will free us from any sense of confinement by bathing us in sunlight, it will encourage interaction with open plan seating and support remote working to accommodate our lifestyle choices.

At Jane Systems we have high hopes that these developments will prove to be more than mere fashion. We hope they will be part of a continuing positive trend. And we hope employers will reinforce these good moves with equally astute technical choices.

We believe the best way to sustain a positive, interactive workplace culture is to make these values an integral part of each person’s working day. That’s why the Jane service suite actively supports diversity, cooperation and achievement. The Jane Self-Service Portal has been praised by employers as a motivating tool that sparks employee engagement and training take-up. The recruitment module is a proven equality aid that focuses entirely on applicant suitability and creates compliant and ready-made employee records for new starters.

It’s a new year, and some of the things passing for fashionable today may soon be forgotten. If Jane Systems have anything to do with it, employee engagement, wellness and interaction will remain priorities not just throughout this year but in perpetuity. Happy 2018 everyone.

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