What qualities do you respect most in an employer? We all have our own answer to that question, but it’s fair to say consistency and loyalty would make most shortlists.

Consistency in staff treatment, with the same reasonable rules applied to everyone.

Consistency of temperament, with praise and criticism given according to performance, not according to moods.

Loyalty to people who’ve earned it, and respect for those whose hard work has helped build your business.

Preferably not sacking an employee of nine years’ standing on the strength of a negative TripAdvisor Review. Not sacking them without hearing both sides of the story. And not sacking them publicly, via the TripAdvisor website.

The rise of review sites has given consumers an influential voice. This has obvious plus points, but when livelihoods are on the line impulsive reactions serve no one’s best interests. This week Howard and Lucy Spooner, owners of The Outside Chance gastro pub, have come under fire for what appears to be the knee-jerk sacking of a waitress on the strength of a negative customer review. Mrs Spooner replied to the review by stating “Please rest assured that waitress will be sacked today”.

Where do we start? From a HR perspective, this is a nightmare of blaming instead of training, condemnation instead of evaluation. A panicky attempt to appear customer-focused has made an employer appear high-handed, irrational and deeply disloyal. The message to staff is that even after years of service they are effectively one negative comment away from the sack.

The owners of The Outside Chance were given a test, and they failed it.

How would the rest of us fare? Would you pass the TripAdvisor test?
The good news is, you don’t have to face it alone.

The more robust your HR systems, the less likely you are to be pushed into impulsive action.

Employers have every right to monitor staff performance. We think they have a duty to do it, and it’s our pleasure to help them. Jane HR software enables you to record appraisal, training and development activity, creating a detailed skills profile for each person that can match them to suitable tasks. When performance falls below expectations, we help you steer your people back on course. Disciplinary procedures and employee grievances are recorded for review and action. We don’t just make a note of these issues or allow the situation to deteriorate. We give you the tools to monitor what’s going wrong and put it right.

We don’t have a miracle answer that guarantees every member of your team will meet your standards every day. No one does. What we do have is a tried and tested solution that helps you recruit, train and develop your people more effectively, and gives you the tools you need to make informed management decisions.

This week’s social media backlash against The Outside Chance tells you all you need to know about the risks of being publicly exposed as a disloyal, irrational employer.

Jane software delivers fairness and consistency. It gives you the platform for action that will earn you respect. Contact us today to find out more.

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