Watching Alan Sugar point the finger of destiny at a young protégé has become a beloved annual ritual for British TV audiences, and it’s been argued that Donald Trump would never have had the platform to run for President without the exposure he gained on the US Apprentice.

So when we use the word “apprentice” many people picture a brash young man or woman who spends twelve weeks singing their own praises before landing a lucrative job with a celebrity millionaire.

What about the real apprentices? The young people who never go near a TV camera, who get up early, work late and learn a trade? Are they getting the opportunities they deserve? If Hilton Hotels and Resorts have anything to do with it, they will.

Kay Harriman, Hilton’s HR Director, and Kathryn Porter, the Director of Youth Strategy, have outlined ambitious and admirable plans to engage one million young people by the end of 2019, offering them an introduction to the hospitality workplace geared towards them becoming employable – and employed – in a thriving global operation. Hospitality is Britain’s sixth largest industry, and the chance to build a career with a supportive employer that has almost 600 properties in 85 countries around the world is something to shout about.

The Hilton apprenticeship puts the emphasis on personal development, and it’s not unusual for young people to progress quickly into team management. Hard and soft skills, technical ability and good personal qualities, are identified and maximised. People learn, grow and thrive.

This focus on staff development strikes a chord with Jane Systems. We have long-standing relationships with organisations who use our HR software to help build the skills of their workforce every day.

Staff development is optimised with Jane software, with training needs flagged up from information gathered in appraisals, business plans, departmental reviews or by assigning an employee to an activity with a specific skill requirement. Employees can also log their own training requirement as a self-service request using the HR Portal, and scheduled training courses are monitored and updated to form an audited record of their progress. Jane also offers you a costing breakdown that gives you a clear picture of training expenditure for ease of training budgeting. Then, when a training event is complete, tailored feedback reporting gives you an insight into what’s been accomplished. Like Hilton, we believe in solid, measurable investment in talent.

In a sense we’re all apprentices when we start a new job. We’re all looking for new things to learn and new ways to contribute. If we’re lucky enough to have an employer as supportive as Hilton Hotels and Resorts, it makes the process far smoother and more enjoyable.

If we’re lucky enough to be working with a system that enables employers to make the very best use of the talent available, it gives us a stake in the future. If you’re lucky enough to be working with a Jane System, you’ll know exactly what that means.

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