Today’s news that the British Army is launching a £1.6m advertising campaign to demonstrate it can offer emotional support to recruits from all backgrounds has attracted scorn from some quarters on social media, but for those of us who understand the value of a positive working environment it represents very good news indeed.

We can’t underestimate the courage and professionalism required to put on a uniform and defend others, and it’s foolish to imagine that the people who do it are immune to stress or self-doubt.

This modernising step follows a positive trend which has also seen the army embrace language learning to improve communication. From 2018 on, no British officer will be promoted above the rank of Captain without being able to demonstrate proficiency in a suitable language. In prioritising cultural awareness and communication skills, the armed forces are acknowledging that, whatever the situation, the isolation of “Little Britain” has no value in a complex and dangerous modern world.

The isolation of individuals clearly has no value either, and the video central to the advertising campaign underlines that point. The voiceover tells us of a soldier’s fears that “it feels like, as a man, you can never express your emotions”. Joining the armed forces, though, is portrayed as a far more positive, inclusive experience:

“Once you’re in, you realise no one is a machine”

“There’s always someone there to talk to, or even just make you laugh”

How many of our workplace problems could be minimised or even solved altogether by better communication?

We sometimes hear people complain that increasing automation is harmful to human interaction, but at Jane Systems we believe that when automation is used intuitively it can be an outstanding communication tool.

The Jane Workflow module transforms cumbersome, labour intensive HR record keeping into a fully automated system. It sets triggers for action and notification according to your needs, and it ensures that managers and their teams are kept 100% informed. By automating “calls to action” we deliver an increased employee response rate to important corporate messages.

Jane Self Service software increases communication between managers and staff, enabling decision makers to analyse performance and absence patterns, identify stress or general unhappiness at an early stage and give their people the support they need.

Whether you’re sitting at a desk or standing guard in a uniform, you’re entitled to emotional support from the people you serve.

You’re entitled to honest, productive communication that leaves you in a better frame of mind and better equipped to carry out your duties. You’re entitled to be taken care of and you’re entitled to take care of yourself. Jane Systems is proud to help.

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