Professional Services – Support

A continuous commitment to personal support and service.

When your new system is fully operational, focus moves from the need for technical assistance to user support and management.

As a business-critical system, it is vital that the day-to-day operation of your Jane solution is uninterrupted and continues to meet your needs. Our Support team help by providing the knowledge and assistance you need to maximise Jane solutions – and slowly but surely become self-sufficient!

As part of the continuous support for your system, we can provide the following:

  • Telephone and / or e-mail assistance to resolve queries.
  • On-line assistance sessions to qualify and guide you through the resolution of issues.
  • Additional training days when they are required.
  • System health-checks.
  • Regular software upgrades particularly to satisfy newly introduced legislation.

Customers rate support high among their list of priorities from a software supplier and it is not difficult to predict what they require:

  • In-depth knowledge of each application and module.
  • Extensive know-how in identifying, diagnosing and solving application and technical issues.
  • Target guidelines within which queries and problems are resolved.
  • The provision of ongoing communication and updates regarding the status of a support request.

Our team are able to draw on their experiences from dealing with customers, potential customers and consultants to provide a qualified view of how our support services can continue to benefit our customers. They are highly skilled and motivated Support Consultants whose aim is to help you resolve any queries or issues quickly and efficiently. Our specialists work in partnership with your teams before and after implementation, applying a best practice approach to deliver levels of systems continuity and availability that your organisation requires.

We pride ourselves on delivering friendly, professional, effective assistance.

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