Professional Services – Training

Ensuring your staff are fully trained to optimise new software solutions is a key factor in the successful implementation of new systems and processes.

Employees are frequently given insufficient information regarding the project objectives, the changes being introduced and their potential effects. Inadequate or incorrectly provided user training can also have detrimental effects on the delivery of a new project.

Our training programmes consider all managerial, operational and technical employees affected by the software implementation. This is combined with the requirements of each group to ensure each programme is tailored to their specific needs.

Our Professional Services team are all former practitioners in their disciplines of HR and Payroll and understand your requirements to ensure you maximise our software solutions. Training is planned to a timetable which allows users to absorb the new information and consider potential issues which can then be resolved in subsequent sessions. Our team can either provide training directly to your users or alternatively they can “train your trainers” where key users are identified and trained to enable them to deliver courses to colleagues.

Jane Systems provides on-site or on-line training that will create the productive users you need to maximize your system’s potential. Ongoing training is designed to increase the comfort level and knowledge of your users: it is an important tool for maximising your investment and your system’s efficiency.

Process information is transformed into role-based work instructions and leads end users through the new business processes. Context-related assistance in the form of text, videos, links, screenshots are provided where appropriate to aid understanding and the retention of the course information.

Our expert professional services team supplies full implementation consultancy and training to enable the accurate and efficient management of new systems.

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