Professional Services – Project Management

We believe that project evaluation and planning is the key to a successful implementation.

Jane Systems’ consultants have a proven track record in helping companies manage payroll and human resource projects, from the initial investigation stages to testing and post implementation reviews.

In the initial stage of a new project, one of our experienced consultants will visit to talk with your HR and payroll departments about your existing systems and working practices to gain an understanding of your requirements. This provides us with the opportunity to clarify your future aims, ambitions and objectives and to identify areas where improvements can be introduced.

We will work with you to provide achievable implementation plans, conduct training assessments, produce a training schedule and identify data conversion areas, with the objective of making the transition to the new software a success.

Our Professional Services team combine in depth product knowledge with vertical market expertise to successfully manage and deliver projects according to industry standard project management methodologies. We also have to be pragmatic and acknowledge that on occasions the nature and size of a project does not warrant sophisticated planning skills and tools but that does not mean it cannot benefit from a mutually agreeable timetable of events. This is shared and commented upon in real time using our on-line collaboration service, Basecamp. This enables us to communicate expectations and ensure appropriate tasks are understood and completed on schedule. This is also used to record issues, provide regular status reports and issue alerts, in order to keep your project on track and on budget.

Each project receives a comprehensive post implementation review to ensure our promises are delivered.

Our Consultants have front-line experience of the issues your organisation faces daily. Our relationship with you will be the cornerstone to any successful project, so your project team will work closely with our project manager to deliver bespoke services devised to meet your objectives. A relationship which establishes a partnership based on trust and openness in the early stages of a project enables an open dialogue when resolving any complex developments that may arise.

Our technical and practical payroll and human resource management experience allow us to provide the best possible management of projects, ensuring they are completed accurately and on time.

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