Professional Services

Implementing software solutions involves delivering the appropriate skills to the right people at the right time.

Jane Systems offers you a fully integrated product set complemented by the expert knowledge and support of a UK-based organisation that knows and understands your HR and payroll requirements.

Each of our modules can vary in complexity from a simple process to a complex series of events that need to be carefully managed and coordinated to achieve the desired results – an effective operational system.

Whatever the scale of your implementation, we can help you plan a reasonable and achievable timetable of activities that acknowledge all goals and available resources – primarily, people and time. The failure to plan appropriately and engage the correct resources at the required times rarely results in the delivery of a successful solution and the effects can be expensive to recover.

We will work with you to provide achievable implementation plans, conduct training assessments, produce a training schedule and identify data conversion areas, with the objective of making the transition to the new software a success.

When your new system is fully operational, focus moves from the need for technical assistance to user support and problem resolution. As a business-critical system, it is vital that the day-to-day operation of your Jane solution is uninterrupted and continues to meet your needs. Our Support team help by providing the knowledge and assistance you need to maximise your investment in Jane.

Engaging our expertise means your project progresses quickly and safely.

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