Jane Recruitment Module


Jane’s recruitment solution ensures the effective planning, recruitment and deployment of human resources within your organisation.

Optimise the recruitment process from job requisition and posting, through candidate applications, interview scheduling, and on to job offers and acceptance.

The post, vacancy, and candidate information are combined to allow recruiters to manage the interview process, ensuring the right resources are available at the required stages of recruitment

Accept applicant details from any source

Delivers detailed skills analysis of external and internal candidates

Equal opportunity reporting is built in as standard, ensuring good practice and legal compliance

Designated managers can monitor and contribute to the hiring process, pooling your organisation’s knowledge to deliver the best possible outcome

Employee records are auto-generated for successful applicants, delivering swifter and smoother onboarding

Delivers accurate candidate tracking and management

Instantaneous, trackable communication with all parties at all stages

Skill tracking gives you access to all suitable external and internal candidates

Candidate anonymization can be delivered in equal opportunities information gathering and analysis. Details can be recorded of (eg) religious beliefs or political allegiances without revealing identity, in line with data protection regulations

Streamlined procedures mean an employee record is auto-generated, eliminating duplication and paving the way for seamless onboarding

External documents such as PDF applications and scanned images of CVs or referee responses can be reassigned to the newly created employee record

Candidates not employed receive suitable communication leaving the door open for future contact where appropriate

Time and cost analysis of each assignment illustrates the return on your investment in recruitment

Recruitment documentation covering all stages of the process

Appointment documentation including fully formatted employment contracts can be created utilising the Workflow integration to external software tools