Jane HR payroll MIS Integrations


Digitise your Human Resources and Payroll processes to improve efficiency, compliance and engagement.

Free up resources from standard day to day processes so they can be focused on value-add activities.

Ensure procedural and legislative compliance by triggering calls to action, updates, reminders, and escalations.

Automate responses to scenarios and key dates that are important to your organisation and colleagues.

Transforming your HR software from simple record keeping into a fully automated system

You define the processes you want to automate and set the trigger for action and notification

Designated team members are kept 100% informed

Calls to action improve employee response rates

You create an audit trail, actively supporting quality accreditation

Set up workflows to define how and when data is transferred

Modifiable at any time to reflect your changing priorities

Provides a clear audit trail for all activity, delivering certainty and compliance

Specifically addresses Personnel and Payroll needs through streamlining and simplification

Proactive management of absence monitoring, keeping line managers fully informed

Links seamlessly to the HR Portal, enabling advanced data capture, communication and authorisation

Designed by HR specialists for HR specialists