Staff Development

Jane Staff Development Module

Staff Development

Track, schedule and report on employee training requirements in order to automate and optimise the management of your training programme.

This user-friendly, functionally rich solution will save you time, reduce training costs and maintain an auditable, real-time record of your organisation’s training activities.

The Staff Development module enables line managers to capture appraisal and training needs so that central HR teams can manage organisation wide requirements, making efficient use of budgets and time

Training needs can be logged via appraisals, business plans, project workflows or direct requests. Employees can log their own training requirement as a self-service request using the HR Portal. It will then be subject to authorisation from their designated line manager

Delivers compliance with quality standards including ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 along with your organisations strategic objectives

Monitor staff development from a single central source or share responsibility through the self-service portal

Central management of data on qualifications and skills allows you to make the very best use of the talent available to you

Track, schedule and report on employee training requirements

Automate and optimise the management of your training programme

Scheduled training courses are monitored and updated to form an audited record of staff development activity

Comprehensive costing breakdown gives you a clear picture of training expenditure for ease of training budgeting

Tailored feedback reporting gives an overview of the success of the training event from the perspective of attendance and qualifications and skills imparted

Training reports of your choice can be run by training managers or accessed by line managers using the HR Portal, applying access security to maintain data confidentiality