The School Workforce Census comes but once a year, however it is a constant blip on our radar that we can see coming, hoping it won’t be as hard as it was last year.

When the submission is done and we are free to catch up with our day to day tasks, many of us will make that annual promise to be better prepared next year, knowing that promise will probably be as enduring as the typical new years resolution.

This is all the more frustrating as the data collated is not only important to the government but it is crucial to understanding the status and progression of our own School, Academy or Trust.

Through year round data management, we not only spread the burden of collating census information, we allow ourselves to proactively manage performance, ensuring trends are driven in a positive direction, rather than left to erode our position across the year. until the next census deadline forces us to take an annual snapshot, hoping it won’t reveal any nasty surprises.

How do we do this all year round without consuming crucial resources and time ? Well we do it by challenging our systems to do the bulk of the work for us and we engage our complete workforce to manage their data with us !

So where do we start? Well we really need to start with the information about  our most important assets our team. After all the workforce census is about them. Their journey starts with us the moment they apply for a post,

Once team members are appointed, the Jane Self-Service portal provides all employees with constant access to their own information, allowing them to contribute to keeping the data current, 365 days a year. Systems integration with your MIS solution ensures you have relevant cohesive data that is free of duplication and conflict.

All Self Service data submitted by your team members can go straight to live or be submitted for approval before going live, releasing it for extraction to your census submission.

Expired or incomplete information can be used to instigate notifications or reminders to individuals and administrators ensuring data is always complete and current.

Once you have complete and current data your senior team can confidently review the status and progress of key indicators enabling you to purposefully drive activities and outcomes, year round.

With the Jane School Workforce Census wizard and tools you can efficiently check your data is complete and error free, ready to submit when the submission window opens.

The team at Jane are always happy to discuss issues you are having with your School Workforce Census so fill in a contact form and let us see how we can help you make next year a breeze.




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