How do you keep an idea fresh for 50 years? This week we had a useful reminder.


Regularly breathing new life into a character has helped to make Dr Who one of the most popular British exports of the 21st century. The show’s 50th anniversary special was broadcast in 94 countries, reaching a huge global audience. The central character has now been played by sixteen different actors and 2017 sees the beginning of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure. When things look like getting stale a new face appears, communicating with the audience in a fresh, relevant way.

What can the rest of us learn from this? How can you regenerate and future-proof your business?

Your people are the lifeblood of your business. Take care of them, feed their ambition, safeguard their health and privacy and they’ll repay you with loyalty, initiative and vigour. Happy, motivated staff will constantly regenerate your business.

The reaction to the first female Dr Who reminded us that, while we’ve taken major strides towards equality and diversity in the workplace, the fight is far from over. At Jane Systems we applaud equality of opportunity in all its forms, and it’s not just hollow clapping. We’ve developed an integrated HR and Payroll system that delivers a platform for efficiency and inclusiveness. The Jane self-service portal gives employees access to their HR, payroll and training records, reassuring them of their value, encouraging them to learn and move forward. This saves management time while preserving management awareness and oversight. Regenerate your business with a Jane System and you’ll be rewarded with more training activity, less admin downtime and a renewed belief in engagement, fairness and opportunity.

The bottom line? Supporting and motivating your people makes you more money. Good practice really is good business.

With employment legislation subject to change, refreshing your systems is key to ensuring compliance. GDPR legislation will change the way professional people communicate. Using employee data without their specific consent could cost you a fine of up to 20 million Euros. That’s a high price to pay for a mistake that Jane Systems can help you avoid. Where you need to demonstrate specific, informed employee consent, the Jane suite allows you to create, log and monitor records that will keep your actions lawful.

Your people are the face and voice of your business. Which face do you want the world to see and which voice do you want them to hear? The right HR and Payroll system delivers fairness and security. It motivates your people to take pride in their work and have confidence in their career path. The wrong one triggers confusion, inaccuracy and sub-standard performance. It may look good on the surface but, like a bad science fiction special effect, it won’t fool anyone for long. Not so much Dr Who as Dr Why Bother?

Why risk your reputation and your survival as a business? Jane Systems is right here, ready to refresh your systems and your workforce. Time to regenerate?

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