PS Financials

Integrated Personnel & Payroll Solved!

Integrating your management information  systems is crucial to driving your organisation forward.

Many struggle on for long periods; trying to match data and reports or moving data from one system to another, risking errors and consuming precious resources.

The Jane suite of products can be integrated with a number of Finance and Accounting packages to take away all of the pain for you. One of the packages we integrate with is PS Financials.

Who are PS Financials?

PS Financials are an established author of award-winning accounting, purchasing, budgeting and reporting software. They provide a complete financial management solution to over 2,000 organisations in 58+ countries. They deliver across a range of market sectors including Education, Commercial, Finance, Hospitality, Care & Healthcare and Not for Profit.

Their innovative Unified Ledger system enables users to view and analyse information from many different perspectives. The additional automation tools such as a Business Rules Engine, User Defined Input Screens, Income Management System and Data Transformation Tools, provides users with an enterprise class financial management solution.

How does the Integration work?

By directly referencing the PS Financials General Ledgers, the Jane Payroll module can also immediately validate your financial analysis if you are either allocating sub sections of the coding to elements of the payroll module or verifying complete analysis codes. Whether the codes are constructed, entered or imported, Jane will automatically inform you of any errors. When the payroll cycle is completed for a pay period, then the Jane Payroll module will automatically create the journal in PS Financials for you, eliminating any external transfers and imports.

The Personnel module includes a comprehensive range of features to meet the diverse requirements of any organisation whilst allowing you to manage your payroll processes effortlessly and accurately. You can increase your staff ’s productivity through the HR Portals implemented using the Microsoft SharePoint technology, which allow non- HR/Payroll employees to view and/or update the required elements of their profile and organisation specific activities such as submitting holiday requests and expenses for approval. This includes SharePoint Foundation, which is free, as well the Team Sites and One Drive which are provided as part of Office 365, which is Microsoft’s Software and Services subscription platform for the delivery of email, calendars, intranets and much more.

This enables your HR and Payroll resources to redirect their focus away from computer system maintenance.

These unique features mean we can offer you the only truly integrated payroll solution in the market.

What’s more, it is a product that can grow with you.

Complete and seamless integration with PS Financials.