Managing your business processes.

Jane’s Workflow module can transform your HR software from just simple record keeping into a fully automated system which does the work for you.

Many business processes can be both repetitive and subject to error. However, if you map such processes onto workflows you can automate and monitor them. This increases productivity by cutting out manual processes thus reducing the potential for error and improving quality.

You can set up workflows to define how and when documents, information and tasks are to be passed from one party to another. You can have clear visibility of what stage a particular process has reached at any time. You can define sets of rules describing how actions are to be performed giving you greater consistency in your working practices. And, if your business processes are subject to quality control, you can ensure compliance by using the full audit trail produced by workflow.

Automated Business Processes

Defining workflows can be used to automate virtually any standard or unique process you use. You can monitor your system for activities and then set off the action that comes next – whether it is emailing an employee, notifying a line manager or sending a report to a senior manager. You simply define the trigger for the process you want to monitor and then define the actions you would like it to take.

Once defined, workflows can be easily adapted in line with changing business needs.

Designed for HR & Payroll Teams

Many workflow software products have evolved from document management, database or electronic mail systems. These facilities can be complex and costly because they are used across a variety of other applications and are not always the best solution for managing HR issues. The Jane Workflow module specifically addresses the requirements of the Personnel and Payroll departments through streamlining and simplification. Originally designed by consulting HR personnel it is continuously reviewed and enhanced with efficiency and good practice in mind.

Managing your processes, as well as your data.

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