HR Portal – Self Service

Using browser technology to enable data capture, review and analysis by a wider audience.

Using the SharePoint technology from Microsoft in conjunction with specific Jane HR functionality enables any HR & Payroll team to present their specific requirements to their operational audience – your staff.

Using a company Intranet or Internet site, employees can take responsibility for maintaining the data that pertains to them. By putting the onus on staff to keep personal information up to date, you will improve the quality and accuracy of the information you hold. Costs and time spent on administration is reduced and, as a result, payroll and HR specialists are able to spend more of their time on strategic issues and problem-solving, rather than sorting forms and entering data.

The Jane Self-Service Portal allows your workforce to review and update employee-specific information, online via a browser, reflecting any element of their personal and professional development.

Self Service facilities devolves responsibility for the initial data capture to the employee themselves when performing common tasks such as requesting leave, submitting expenses, requesting attendance on pre-planned training events and contributing to on-going appraisals. The capability to view and print information such as Payslips and remaining Holidays or print P60s eliminates query resolution which would otherwise have involved HR professionals.

Devolving the accessibility of this information as well as the capacity to instigate changes enables organisations to dramatically reduce the resources required in central HR teams so that they can be deployed elsewhere such as acting as consultative partners which culminates in a more cost efficient and responsive provision of service by your HR Team.

The opening-up of communication channels between employees, their line managers and the Payroll and HR teams, saves your organisation time and money.

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