Recruitment Solution

A flexible and scalable recruitment solution which allows HR teams of any size to streamline their recruitment processes.

Jane’s recruitment solution ensures the effective planning, recruitment and deployment of human resources within your organsation. It optimises the recruitment process from job requisition and posting, through candidate applications and interview scheduling, and on to job offers and acceptance.

The post, vacancy, and candidate information are combined to allow recruiters to manage the interview process, ensuring the right resources are available at the required stages of recruitment.

Using the Authorised User HR Portal, hiring managers are involved in the complete recruitment cycle. Managers are able to request new post vacancies for authorisation and view applications, ensuring they contribute to the short-listing of candidates, provide feedback at critical stages and provide input on the offer and appointment.

Simplified acceptance procedures generate an employee record for the successful applicant, reducing data entry. After a vacancy is filled, you can see how much the process has cost and analyse the time taken to complete. The quality of the applicants and the resources used can also be reviewed.

Using Jane’s recruitment solution reduces the time it takes to match the right candidate to the right job.

An efficient and effective recruitment software solution.

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