From Appointment to Retirement.

Jane’s Personnel module covers all aspects of HR to enable you to successfully manage every stage of the employee life cycle – from applying for a vacancy – all the way through to retirement. It records a wealth of information about your employees from the basics such as name, address and contact information to salary history, staff development and disciplinary records, building up a complete employment history of all current, past and potential employees.

In addition to all the standard functional elements, you can also define your own. You can create a limitless number of user-defined data items which combine with the extensive base Personnel record to provide an easy to use but powerfully adaptive solution to all your information-gathering needs.

Jane’s Personnel module gives you the ability to view your organisation as a variety of different structures and focus on the detail of individual employees. In any working environment a number of hierarchies can exist that reflect departmental, pay grade, managerial and other types of structures, especially in the public sector. Using Jane you can create your own multi-tiered hierarchy with an unlimited number of levels and have clear visibility from a variety of perspectives.

Reports are a vital tool in enabling decision makers to make well informed decisions. The ability to report accurately and instantly is not only an essential tool in evaluating circumstances as they exist now but also in providing confident predictions of the future.

The extensive provision of reporting and statistics promotes effective internal management by providing details of the deployment of employees as well as ensuring all statutory requirements are met. This enables you to plan and cost all manpower requirements to ensure the correct quantity and quality of staff is available to meet current and future operational needs. Subsequently, this leads to the identification of strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas for potential improvement in terms of the skills and abilities of individuals and ultimately helping you to achieve the optimum level of performance from your most valuable asset – your staff.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive employee profiles.
  • Indefinite notes and document attachments.
  • User defined check-lists.
  • Employment, pay grading and salary history.
  • Terms and conditions management.
  • Funding records.
  • Sophisticated calculation and roll-over of holiday allowances.
  • Probation reporting.
  • Pensions and specific Auto-Enrolment monitoring.
  • Absence and sickness certification monitoring.
  • Medical history, health checks and accident recording.
  • Suitability to work (CRB) and work permits.
  • Record issuing of equipment, such as laptops and phones.
  • Disciplinary and grievance issues.
  • Qualifications, attributes and skills.
  • Training recording, staff development and achievements.
  • Appraisals & performance records.
  • Organisational charting.
  • Extended equal opportunity monitoring.
  • Indefinite number of user-defined data items.

Real-time data from one global source presented in the required format and promptly delivered to the appropriate decision makers is critical to the success of a changing organisation.

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