Payroll Software

An extensive range of features to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

Jane Payroll Software will reduce payroll administration expenses and improve accuracy.

Payroll Software underpins one of the most business critical activities for any organisation – the one function that cannot be inaccurate or delayed.

For almost every organisation the payroll costs are a large proportion of their operating overheads. The Jane payroll module provides a feature rich payroll management system. Intuitive, legislatively compliant, secure and cost-effective.

The Jane Payroll software module is flexible, will be configured to match your changing business needs and adapt as your organisation grows. It will automate your complex and labour intensive payroll processes and minimise time-consuming administrative tasks. The result will be; efficient use of your payroll resources.

You are free to run monthly, weekly, fortnightly and lunar payrolls with unlimited pay elements and pension scheme definitions. Our payroll is compliant with current legislation and meets the standards required to submit period and end-of-year returns through the Government Gateway (RTI).

Our browser-based HR Portal includes features for the viewing or printing of payslips. Employees can enter and submit time-sheets and expenses information. Line managers and supervisors will view and authorise submissions before processing occurs, therefore dramatically reducing your administrative overheads.

The Payroll module integrates seamlessly with the Personnel system, so there is no duplication of data entry. The access security module ensures that the security and privacy issues of each user role are respected.


The Jane payroll software module caters for all elements of the submission of Real Time Information. Full Payment Submission (FPS) required for each pay period as well as the Employer Payment Summary (EPS) are all managed seamlessly.

Auto Enrolment

The Workplace Pension Reforms mean employers must enrol employees into a pension scheme. The Jane Payroll module handles all your auto enrolment requirements, categorising your employees and alerting you to automatically enroll them into a specified scheme whilst maintaining a clear history of opt-ins and opt-outs.

Pension Provider Integration

Pension Provider Integration is a must when optimising payroll processes.

The Jane Payroll module integrates with many providers systems, allowing you to process pension payment efficiently.

National Employment Savings Trust is a cost effective pension scheme, available to any employer wishing to ensure they satisfy their pension obligations. The Jane Payroll has NEST Integration, therefore you can manage your auto enrolment duties electronically.

Integration is available for providers such as Teachers Pension and Local Government as well as the Pen-Server interface. Integration solutions are also available for commercial scheme providers including Legal & General.

The most flexible payroll solution for your business.

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