Occupational Sickness & Maternity

When statutory regulations combine with contractual obligations.

An increasingly important function of HR and Payroll teams is to efficiently manage periods of absence due to sickness and adjust employees’ pay appropriately.

This may not be an issue when managing one single period of long-term absence but can be far more complex when reviewing multiple periods of absence, each of varying duration. Often the smaller periods of absence can be missed or ignored when they should be added to the employee’s absence balance and their pay adjusted. Ultimately, this is an unnecessary expense for your organisation, not just in terms of the direct cost of pay but also the indirect costs such as employer pension and national insurance contributions.

The Jane Occupational Sickness and Maternity module gives you the ability to react instantly and confidently ensuring your organisation’s rules and allowances are implemented, thus reducing the cost of absence.

The software solution for bespoke policies.

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