HR Portal – Authorised user

Empowering line managers and supervisors to more effectively manage their team.

Providing decision makers with the information they require and the tools they need to control it can improve the way they monitor the performance, efficiency and development of their employees leading to major benefits to your organisation.

If any operational functions are currently performed using pieces of paper we suspect it can be deployed through the Self Service and Authorised User HR Portals.

Using the AU Portal you can enable managers to take full responsibility for data capture and authorisation. By providing these users with the data they require, they are in a position to manage information such as reporting sickness and return to works, instigating appraisals, or authorising holiday requests and expense claims by self-service users. They can also view absence trends and react to critical events, such as probationary reviews. This devolution of authority actually improves the quality of data and encourages widespread use, without losing control over either data integrity or security.

This provides resilience within your organisations which enables your teams to not only effectively fulfil their current roles but also enable them to efficiently adapt to future requirements and changes to objectives which inevitably result in changes to reporting structures and activities.

Jane’s AU Portal is a highly configurable application enabling you to alter content, labels, links, and even provide user specific views if required to enable each user to fulfil their own operational remit. Industry standard style-sheets and logos can be used to ensure the HR Portals reflect your unique corporate identity.

You can also include HR policies, internal knowledge repositories or external links such as the HMRC, pension providers, benefit providers and other influential external bodies. You can configure business processes for different users or user groups, and design process steps which reflect requirements that are unique to your organisation.

Using the Workflow module, managers are kept up to date with all actions. They receive email notification when they have requests that need authorising and are made aware of up-coming events such as probation reviews or appraisals.

Change does affect people so the provision of effective people management systems is critical in enabling your teams to deliver the goals of your organisation.

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