Active Directory (AD)

Automated Integration.

AD is effectively a database that keeps track of all user accounts and passwords in a single protected location. The amount of information stored in the AD is particular to each organisation but as further software solutions such as SharePoint, Time & Attendance systems and Expense Management portals include facilities to utilise AD as its source of user based information, it makes sense to keep this as up to date as possible.

A common scenario for many organisations is the constant stream of emails between the HR and the IT teams (typically nominated to maintain AD) to inform them of New Employees and Leavers so that the AD may be kept up-to-date, primarily to ensure users cannot utilise the computerised resources before their start date of employment or after their leaving date.

It makes sense therefore to have an interface between your core source of employee information, your HR and/or Payroll solution and AD. The Jane AD Connector automatically aligns these key solutions with only the data you require for only the employees you prescribe. This service continually monitors the HR systems for changes which may need to be transferred to AD and performs these updates immediately. As soon as Jane is informed of an employee’s leaving date, for example,  this can then be passed immediately to the AD users expiry date, ensuring access to corporate resources in no longer possible after they have left.

Any element of your Jane people-centric data can be mapped to an appropriate recipient data item in AD.

You transfer only what you need.

This complements the Jane SharePoint Web Applications by ensuring the SharePoint “user” profile, typically established from the AD user record is either directly or indirectly kept up to date. This enables SharePoint users to maximise the use of standard SharePoint facilities such as graphical Organisation Structure viewers, staff directory, wikis, blogs, enterprise social networking and so on.

This tool can be installed and modified to suit your requirements within hours. Why would you not implement such a link?

Maximising your investment by harnessing the user account, wherever it is used.

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