Accident Reporting

Designed to help you comply with legal obligations to record, report and investigate accidents and other health related incidents in the workplace.

Unlike paper-based reporting and accident books, you can use your electronic data to generate invaluable reports that quickly identify incident or accident trends, enabling your organisation to target problem areas and reduce risks.

Customised report and investigation templates enable the capture of the exact information required by category or level of seriousness. Forms are designed to mimic your organisation’s existing documentation, to ensure familiarity for users and consistency throughout the company. You can easily attach supporting documents and pictures and the software also auto-populates any legally required forms.

When an incident is reported, emails are automatically sent to nominated individuals to notify them. You can allocate the incident to a specific person to undertake an investigation and complete a corresponding report. The investigation report can include information about the reasons for the incident and any corrective measures that have been put in place. You conduct every stage of the process online and you can track the progress of investigations and associated tasks through to completion.

Detailed management reporting helps to quickly identify incident patterns and trends so that you can put preventative measures in place. Reports are available in graphical and tabular format and you can export the data and manipulate it in third-party products, such as Microsoft Office.

Jane's Accident Reporting module provides you with an accident book that's easy to understand and implement as well as quick and simple to complete..

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