Payroll Bureau Solutions

Our Payroll Bureau solutions give you the flexibility to deliver dynamic and compliant services to your clients.

Customers choose you because they want to deliver payroll accurately and with minimum distraction from their organisations core activities. The Jane Payroll Bureau solution means you will never let them down.

Jane Systems Payroll Bureau Solutions will enable you to provide your customers with easy to use data entry or upload solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your support overhead whilst ensuring accurate entry.

Administration of salary sacrifices and other deductions can be implemented without fuss. Integration with Pension schemes will be seamless. Digital payslip options are efficient and bring significant environmental benefits.

Mobile access allows clients and employees to manage everything on the go with security and peace of mind

Optional employee portal features enable you to extend customer participation as far as your client desires.

You can choose from any number of ways to implement you solution depending on your own infrastructure, with cloud or server based options to suit your Bureau.


Personnel Solutions

Your customer solution doesn’t need to be limited to just Payroll, Jane Systems deliver a wide range of additional modules that can meet the needs of any organisation.

Data entry and duplication are minimised, delivering efficiency savings for everyone involved.

Personnel management can be supported by efficient systems and process flows that allow organisations to recruit, develop, support and organise their teams to deliver evermore effectively to their organisations goals

Our continuously developing portfolio of modules will aid customer retention and revenue growth through feature additions.

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