Articles November 2017

29/11/2017 – Everything Costs Something
Employment law realignment means that once again staff can initiate employment tribunals without incurring a fee. But everything costs something.

22/11/2017 – The Payroll Jungle
Whatever our walk of life, we want to know the system works. That applies to politicians, it even applies to celebrities. And yes, it applies to you too.

15/11/2017 – Black and Gold
With eCommerce increasingly dominating retail and employee engagement increasingly influential on HR, are your systems up to the challenge of the new?

08/11/2017 – Wishing Well
It’s time to stop wishing for employee welllness and start planning for it with Jane Systems.

01/11/2017 – One Giant Leap
Technology for its own sake benefits no one. The Azzure IT Customer Day linked technology with business growth in a way that benefited everyone.

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