Sometimes the quirks of a different language can give us a fresh take on our problems.

In Portugal, the phrase “to feed the donkey sponge cake” (alimentar um burro a pão-de-ló) refers to an elaborate treatment being given to a person who doesn’t need it.

In Finland, “to let a frog out of your mouth” (päästää sammakko suusta) is to say something inappropriate, a pitfall that we’re all familiar with.

In Poland, “not my circus, not my monkeys” (nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy) is an inventive way of telling someone “this is your problem, not mine.”

And that brings us to an important point about service providers; their definition of service.

One of the key benefits a partner can offer is the assurance that your problems are their problems. They’ll help you overcome whatever technical barriers stand in your way, and commit themselves to your success as fully as any member of your own team.

At Jane Systems we understand the challenges faced by the education sector, and we don’t like to see the hard work of students and teachers go unrewarded. This week’s news that IT systems problems have delayed the degree results of students at Blackburn College’s University Centre is painful. At a time when they should be striding forward into the job market, 800 young people are standing still. We haven’t worked with Blackburn College but we do know they have a hard-earned reputation for professionalism and commitment to their students. We also know that systems problems are sometimes nobody’s fault. But that doesn’t make their impact any less challenging.

As a trusted partner to the education sector, Jane Systems is ready and able to solve client problems whenever they arise, and our HR and Payroll software has been praised for anticipating potential issues and nipping them in the bud.

The Jane Self-Service Portal has transformed the working lives of education sector clients by giving each individual responsibility for maintaining their own HR record, while management retain oversight and control. It’s efficient and inclusive, and by sharing responsibility it gives people ownership of their career development. You’ll notice that the word “responsibility” keeps coming up here. We like that word. We believe taking responsibility makes all of us better at our jobs. We believe it makes all of us better people.

Sometimes things go wrong and is really is nobody’s fault. It happens to all of us, and how we deal with it defines who we are as individuals and as organisations.

At Jane Systems we don’t point the finger and we don’t look for a place to hide. We take responsibility. Your problems are our problems, and we'll solve them.

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