Microsoft Sharepoint HR and Payroll Solved!


SharePoint is allowing businesses to become more dynamic and responsive in our quickly changing digital world.

Jane Systems product portfolio allows you to take advantage of all implementations.

Be it on company servers or through office 365 the Jane suite of HR and Payroll modules will adapt to your implementation

The Personnel module includes a comprehensive range of features to meet the diverse requirements of any organisation whilst allowing you to manage your payroll processes effortlessly and accurately.

You can increase your staff ’s productivity through HR Portals implemented using Microsoft SharePoint technology. The HR Portal  allows non- HR/Payroll employees to view and/or update the selected elements of their profile specific activities such as submitting holiday requests and expenses for approval.

Implementations include SharePoint Foundation, which is free, as well the Team Sites and One Drive which are provided as part of Office 365; Microsoft’s Software and Services subscription platform for the delivery of email, calendars, intranets and much more.

Our offering enables your HR and Payroll resources to redirect their focus away from computer system maintenance. 

All thanks to Jane Systems Microsoft Sharepoint HR and Payroll Solution.

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