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Thousands of organisations across the UK have implemented one of the Dynamics ERP solutions and it makes sense to ensure that your key people-centric source of information is integrated to these systems.


You may decide to implement the full Jane product suite but you may still want to ensure core people based information is passed on to Dynamics NAV, for example, so that it can utilise this information for what it is good at, managing financial projects and the resources needed to complete them successfully.

These systems will often require not only basic employee profiles but also details regarding their qualifications and competencies as well as their availability so that they may be utilised on current and future projects.

Whenever these details change in Jane they can be passed on via the NAV Web Services to ensure immediate alignment. If an employee changes their address using the Jane Self Service Portal then these changes can be transferred immediately to Dynamics. Any holiday requests or sickness processed via the  Portal can also be transferred to inform Dynamics of staff availability, or lack of it. Training events which staff are attending may also be transferred as this also restricts availability for project activities.

Active Directory Integrator

This facility ensures all other corporate applications have a mechanism of accessing user based information. This includes the Dynamics NAV and GP products which will frequently access AD for such information. The Jane AD Connector ensures Active Directory is up to date with all required staff based information for wherever it is utilised.

Financial Integration

By directly referencing the Dynamics GP or NAV General Ledgers, the Jane Payroll module can also immediately validate your financial analysis if you are either allocating sub sections of the coding to elements of the payroll module or verifying complete analysis codes. Whether the codes are constructed, entered or imported, Jane will automatically inform you of any errors. When the payroll cycle is completed for a pay period, then the Jane Payroll module will automatically create the journal in Dynamics for you, eliminating any external transfers and imports.

This enables your HR and Payroll resources to redirect their focus away from computer system maintenance.

Sub modules of the Jane product suite can run with either the Dynamics Human Resource management functionality or Jane Systems' own comprehensive Personnel module. The intention is to extend and enhance your existing systems whilst dramatically reducing or hopefully eliminating the capacity for data corruption caused by duplicated updates.

The Jane Personnel module includes a comprehensive range of features to meet the diverse requirements of any organisation whilst allowing you to manage your payroll processes effortlessly and accurately. You can increase your staff ’s productivity through the HR Portals implemented using the Microsoft SharePoint technology, which allow non- HR/Payroll employees to view and/or update the required elements of their profile and organisation specific activities such as submitting holiday requests and expenses for approval.

These unique features mean we can offer you the only truly integrated solution in the market.