Articles May 2018

23/05/2018 – What Part of “Privacy” Don’t you Understand?
Ed Sheeran isn’t the only one who’s entitled to his privacy. We all are, and GDPR will legally enforce that entitlement.

16/05/2018 – Like Goldy or Silvery but Made of Iron.
The irony of ACAS being unable to resolve their own industrial dispute highlights the importance of maintaining good employee relations. There are no easy answers, but the right HR software can add notable value.

09/05/2018 – The Avoidable Fights.
When the right software service partner can help you steer clear of the the avoidable fights, why are you still taking punches?

02/05/2018 – Stay home. Lie down. Get better.
Loyalty to an employer is admirable but when employee wellness is jeopardised, it’s time to look at more objective ways to assess performance.

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