When you’ve been a market leader for two decades – spanning the entire 21st century – it’s tempting to assume that you know what your customers think. Tempting, but still wrong.

Jane Systems stays on the cutting edge of HR and payroll software service by asking customers what they think. When we ask you for feedback that includes any suggestions you have for ways that we can make your working lives easier and more productive. Today’s article is a summary of the feedback we’ve received in recent months. If you’re a Jane customer you may well recognise some of these points, and please feel free to add to them. If you’re not a Jane customer, we welcome any thoughts you’d like to share.

What are your biggest concerns as a HR manager?

I’m constantly trying to balance efficiency with concern for people’s welfare. It’s not easy.

No it isn’t, which is why HR management is such a specialised role, and it helps when you have specialised support. At Jane Systems we believe efficient systems can deliver a platform for greater interpersonal contact and cooperation

I seem to be seen as the “bad guy” when it comes to disciplinary issues. I don’t care about personal popularity but I don’t want employees to feel like they’re in an “us and them” situation with management.

Antagonism between staff and management can cause lasting damage. We believe a HR system should help you monitor potential disciplinary issues, flag up patterns that may become an issue and enable you to nip these problems in the bud. It’s not enough just to make a note of what’s wrong. Jane gives you the tools to put things right.

How do you believe GDPR will affect your day to day working life, and what steps are you taking to stay compliant?

It will affect us in a range of ways because we process high volumes of data and will probably have to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Also we’re having a full review of the data we hold on our own people.

It’s wise to plan ahead in this way, and we’re happy to support you with our comprehensive GDPR training programme, free of charge to Jane customers.

I think we’re on top of it but it concerns me that people can give and withdraw consent at the drop of a hat. The company could act in good faith and get caught out unfairly.

We understand how frustrating it would be to break the law unintentionally, and we’re determined to help our customers avoid that pitfall. Jane software allows employees to give and withdraw consent for individual uses of their data whenever they want, and crucially it also sends immediate alerts to management of any change in consent status.

Do your people view on the job training in a positive, negative or neutral light?

I don’t think anyone sees it as a negative but there’s too much apathy. People don’t often get excited about training or see it as a career boost.

We find apathy in the workplace just as bad as negativity, and the good news is that the Jane Self Service Portal can help. By giving people responsibility for their own training and career development, we can increase training take-up and give your teams a greater sense of ownership.

The general view is that training is a cost, not an investment. That doesn’t help.

No it doesn’t, that’s why Jane’s Staff Development Module delivers comprehensive reporting, including a breakdown of costs, enabling you to calculate immediate and long term return on your investment.

Is staff retention an issue for you?

Overall no. We do have the odd problem with people who leave in the first week or so but once people settle in they appreciate the culture and tend to stick around.

It’s remarkable how many people leave jobs almost immediately. First impressions matter, and Jane’s recruitment software actively supports swift, efficient employee onboarding. To take just one example, a new employee record is auto-generated for successful job applicants from the information provided during the hiring process. We cut out duplication of effort and enable your new staff to hit the ground running.

Yes, but it’s an issue for everyone so why should we be any different?

Sorry to contradict you but it isn’t an issue for everyone and you have every right to expect better. If you believe in yourself, your organisation and your culture, then you deserve a team that will work hard, contribute and stay for the long term. You can have those things, and we’re here to help. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

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