Articles March 2018

28/03/2018 – The Charity Challenge
Charities are being asked to meet increasingly exacting standards of ethical practice and legal compliance. Now more than ever they need the support of good service partners.

21/03/2018 – Prevention or Cure?
Decisive and appropriate disciplinary action can nip bad behaviour in the bud, reduce staff turnover and safeguard your reputation. Let us show you how

14/03/2018 – GDPR – Who’s Who?
We all have our roles to play in ensuring GDPR compliance. Jane Systems is ready to fulfil ours. Are you ready to fulfil yours?

07/03/2018 – Just be Yourself
It’s not enough to “just be yourself” in interviews. Recruitment is an exercise in uncovering aptitude and professionalism. Get ready to demonstrate yours.

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