Legal HR and Payroll Software Solutions

Jane’s legal clients cover all sizes and specialisms, and one thing they have in common is continuous investment in their greatest asset: people. Jane legal HR software and legal payroll software ensures those investments pay dividends.

Streamline your recruitment procedures, safe in the knowledge that Jane legal HR software has equal opportunity reporting built in as standard

Automate your procedures, delivering consistency and creating an audit trail

Ensure GDPR compliance with workflows that task your people with maintaining their own HR records and deliver instant updates on changes in status

Poor HR management and non-compliant record keeping costs you time, money and prestige. It may even lead you to costly tribunals. It’s our pleasure to work with legal professionals who walk a different path. Jane legal software delivers flexibility, consistency and compliance, and puts you in control.

Jane Systems – the partner of choice for legal HR software and legal payroll software

Jane’s integrated HR and Payroll system delivers a platform for efficiency and inclusiveness that covers employers and their people every step of the way from recruitment to retirement.

Each service module works effectively as a stand-alone option, and when you put them all together you have a system that supports employee engagement, cooperation and legal compliance. The Jane Self-Service Portal has been praised by employers as a motivating tool that actively increases employee engagement and training take-up, while also supporting GDPR compliance. The recruitment module has been applauded as an equality aid that focuses entirely on applicant suitability, creating a ready-made employee record for new starters that accelerates the employee onboarding process and enables your people to hit the ground running. The workflow module elevates HR software from simple record keeping to a fully automated system, enabling you to define how and when documents, information and tasks are passed from one party to another. Actions are trackable and auditable, delivering robust protection. The payroll module is fully HMRC accredited and scalable to accommodate one employee or tens of thousands. Jane routinely manages multiple weekly, fortnightly, lunar and monthly payrolls under the same company umbrella with software that’s agile and continuously improving for your benefit.

Jane Systems - if it matters to you, it matters to us

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