There are many things a recruiter looks for in a job applicant, and one thing that consistently impresses interviewers is evidence that the person in front of them has done their homework. Not just on the specifics of a job role but also on the wider organisation.

It’s flattering when people take an interest in us. It’s flattering and professional when they take an interest in the nuts and bolts of the business they say they want to be a part of.

And, frankly, it’s negligent when they don’t.

In a sense, every job is a customer service job and every employee is an ambassador for the organisation that pays their wages. It’s a lot easier to positively represent your employer when you understand what they do, where they are heading and how they plan to get there.

It’s also a lot easier to motivate and engage a workforce when you understand what makes them tick. A thorough recruitment process will paint a useful picture of the person you’re hiring, not just the skillset they bring. Following through with smooth onboarding and tailored training and development brings your people closer to the heart of your business. It brings them closer not just to understanding your core values but embodying them.

Jane Systems take pride in knowing our clients and our markets. Last month we carried out a survey of target clients in the public and private sectors; organisations we don’t currently work with but hope to be supporting in 2018.

We talked to people as employers and employees and asked them to gauge the level of knowledge and engagement that currently exists in their workplaces. The results were an eye-opener.

73% of employees didn’t know what was in their employer’s mission statement, or if they had one

55% of employees weren’t able to name three of their employer’s core values

42% of employees didn’t know if their organisation had offices in other countries

68% of managers didn’t know for sure what motivated the people in their teams, either personally or professionally

61% of managers didn’t consider reviewing the skills of internal candidates before placing a vacancy with a recruitment agency

51% of managers couldn’t identify any non-work interests of at least one member of their teams

This isn’t rocket science. If we don’t know who our people are or what they want, how can we get the best out of them? And if we don’t know what our organisation stands for, how can we properly represent it?

We’re happy to deliver software that helps you build up comprehensive employee records and engage your people in motivational, interactive training. We give employees ownership of their records and give managers more time to manage, and we help bring them together in a way that pays attention to fine detail and keeps an eye on the bigger picture.

If there’s one message we’d like to share for 2018, it’s this:

When you have a connection to the people you’re working for and with and genuinely feel like part of a team, your day passes far more quickly, happily and productively. The right HR and payroll software will take you part of the way. The rest is up to you.

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