The backing music begins to play, and the tune is reassuringly familiar. The performer moves smoothly and confidently to the microphone and begins to sing. Except that you wouldn’t really call it singing. He misses the first note, and the second, and the confidence evaporates. Now he’s nibbling frantically at each lyric like a gerbil eating its way out of a cardboard box.

Suddenly you notice everything else that’s wrong. His shirt doesn’t fit, and he’s wearing a wig. Not just any wig, but a wig that looks as if it was gradually collected from a shower drain. This is not a virtuoso performance.
Welcome to the world of karaoke.

When we hear a familiar introduction we want to believe the song will please us. But unless the singer has talent, things can turn ugly. How many times have you heard someone singing along and barely been able to recognise the song?

Note to karaoke enthusiasts: it’s not enough just to regurgitate lyrics.

At Jane Systems we sometimes find ourselves picking up the pieces when a client is let down by a previous partner. When they’ve been sold something we call Karaoke Software.

What do we mean by Karaoke Software?
At first glance it seems to offer what you need, and it may well carry a price tag that you associate with quality. But scratch the surface and what do you find?

– An inflexible system that can’t be adapted to your changing needs
– Unhelpful formatting that adds layers of difficulty to routine tasks
– Key functions buried in multiple menus with hierarchies that make sense to no one but the programmer

Note to software providers: it’s not enough just to churn out code without reference to client priorities.
Do better. Try harder to deliver functionality that makes working lives easier and more satisfying.

Do what Jane Systems does.

The Jane HR and Payroll Suite is intuitive, user-friendly and constantly evolving. Helping you bridge the gap between simple record keeping and time-saving automation, the Jane System promotes interactivity, workplace learning and legal compliance.

It simplifies the complex and enables cooperation. You might say it brings colleagues and departments together like parts of an orchestra.

Karaoke is a Japanese transliteration of “empty orchestra”. To deliver a truly user-friendly HR and Payroll system you need a full orchestra, with no amateurish weak links.

At Jane Systems we constantly update our knowledge, not only as software developers but as brand ambassadors for our clients. It’s our job to help you keep your people happy, motivated, productive and compliant. We’re very good at it.

The choice is yours. You can alienate your workforce with systems that serve no one’s interests, or you can hit all the right notes with a Jane System that harmonizes processes and people. It’s time to say goodbye to Karaoke Software and hello to Jane Systems.

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