HR Tech Europe 2017, which concluded yesterday, brought together many of the most talented and innovative voices in human resources. And over the course of the two-day event they had plenty to say.

How is digitalisation reshaping traditional business models? And what role can HR professionals play in this reshaping process?

The message that came across loud and clear was that HR leaders are using their skill and experience to find a balance between technological advancement and human ingenuity.

It’s still about people. In the end, it’s always about people.

That certainly resonates with us at Jane Systems. We’ve worked with start-ups that put themselves on the map with innovative use of cloud-based systems, mobile apps and advanced analytics. And at the other end of the scale we’ve partnered with public and private sector giants looking for ways to increase agility and stay ahead. What unites successful operations of all sizes is the understanding that automation is not the enemy of an existing workforce. With the right management, and the right systems management, it’s a very good friend.

A number of speakers at HR Tech discussed ways of automating recruitment and performance management without losing the “people” factor. Jane Systems are happy to contribute to that discussion.

The Jane HR Portal empowers you to streamline the recruitment process from start to finish. The system gives clients oversight of vacancy posting and shortlisting while taking away time-consuming admin duties. It also delivers a time and cost analysis of each individual hire, and by automating the job offer process and using recruitment data to create an immediate HR record for each new starter, Jane saves you time and cuts out needless duplication.

Jane puts you in control of who you hire, when they start and how much time and money you spend.

The role of human resources leaders in “future proofing” a business can’t be underestimated. The HR professionals we work with have their fingers on the pulse of demographic and technical trends. They’re flexible enough to adapt to both, and they know Jane Systems will be there to help them.

We sometimes hear people ask how they can stop their businesses being disrupted by digitalization. Honest answer – they can’t. But the real question is, why would they want to?

Disruption doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It opens doors, it opens up markets and it transforms industries. You just have to know how to manage it, and the right service partner can help.

Technical disruption is changing the face of HR management, but human ingenuity remains a crucial driver. The processes may be automated, but it’s human resourcefulness that directs them.

Let Jane Systems channel your human resourcefulness. Starting today.

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