Yesterday, April 17th, was a red letter day in the USA’s fiscal calendar. Tax Day, the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns, normally falls on April 15th. This year, with that date being on a Sunday and April 16th being celebrated as Emancipation Day in Washington, the deadline was pushed back.

Plenty of Americans left things to the last minute; as of last Friday, the Internal Revenue Service was still waiting for approximately 40 million people to make their submissions. As well as being tax deadline day, April 17th was also the last opportunity to make a contribution to an individual retirement account for it to count against 2017 income. All in all, American taxpayers had plenty to think about yesterday.

British taxpayers have records to keep and deadlines to meet, of course, but for the majority of them the week to week and month to month responsibility of payroll administration lies in the hands of their employers. The task of accurately remunerating employees and correctly enrolling them in pension schemes may not be glamorous but it’s absolutely business-critical. Workplace Pension reform compels employers to enrol their people into a suitable scheme, and failure to comply can land you in hot water with HMRC, not to mention testing the patience and loyalty of the people working for you.

With no room for error in payroll and pension administration, it’s flattering that so many household names put their trust in Jane Systems to get the job done.

Over the past two decades we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of leading names in education, housing, charities, regulatory bodies and a range of commercial sectors. There’s no magic formula for what we do. It’s just a matter of listening to our customers and applying a combination of creativity and technical skill to deliver what you ask for.

One thing you frequently ask for is flexibility, and Jane Payroll software certainly ticks that box. It’s configurable to match your business needs, however frequently they may change, and as your organisation grows you can be sure that Jane will continue to give you the support you need, when you need it. Cumbersome and labour-intensive payroll processes can be seamlessly replaced by automation that you control, cutting right back on your administrative burden. Multiple payrolls, whether weekly, fortnightly, monthly or lunar, can be managed by Jane with unlimited pay elements and pension scheme definitions. Not only do we offer you accuracy, we also deliver cast-iron compliance with current legislation and work to the exacting standards required to submit period and end-of-year returns through the Government Gateway (RTI). In short, we know exactly what the rules are and we help our customers to abide by them.

Yesterday may have been tax day for millions of Americans, but for Jane Systems every day is tax day. Every day is a fresh opportunity for us to demonstrate our skill and diligence to clients, keeping them compliant and ensuring their workforce are taken care of. When you need to get it right, you need Jane Systems.

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