Premier League footballers and clubs are easy targets for criticism. Many are accused of being detached from their communities, but there are times when players and clubs reach out with inspiring results.

This week Arsenal FC launched a startup innovation lab, working in partnership with local businesses to create positive experiences for fans and develop projects that will showcase technical talent. The ten-week programme will see young entrepreneurs mentored by senior business managers from the club and given the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services, with the possibility of investment in the most promising ideas.

At Jane Systems we applaud initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship. Over half a million new businesses are formed in the UK every year. Their enterprise and dynamism are the future of our economy, but not everyone survives the competition.

The reality is that, like Arsenal and England’s other 91 professional league clubs, startups are under pressure to get results every week. The invoice that doesn’t get paid, the terms and conditions that don’t get signed or the employee who doesn’t turn up for work can make a game-changing difference to a small company’s prospects. Initiatives such as Arsenal’s are a massive help, and there are straightforward steps every organisation can take to protect itself.

As much as we all love the excitement of a great commercial idea, what keeps your business afloat is the boring stuff. The nuts and bolts, the legal compliance, and the systems that help you get the essentials right.

The HR software that builds inclusiveness into your recruitment procedures and delivers seamless onboarding for new starters.

The payroll software that ensures every member of staff is paid accurately and on time, whether they’re part time or full time, paid weekly or monthly.

The integrated system that encourages individuals and departments to work together, motivates employees to improve performance and frees up management time.

Jane Systems is partner of choice to public and private sector clients who value innovation and performance. These clients range from “premier league” market leaders to smaller companies finding their way in a highly competitive world. Each organisation has its own priorities, but they all want precision and functionality in their HR and payroll systems. We deliver it.

HR and payroll managers can be compared with football referees. When they do their jobs well you may not notice them, but imagine what would happen if they stopped doing their jobs.

Jane software helps them do their jobs impeccably, and you probably won’t notice a thing. You’ll just keep winning.

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