If you bought a pint of milk on the day Anthony Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director, it would still have been fresh when he was fired. No matter how you spin it, ten days in a job doesn’t look good on a CV. Not every hiring decision attracts the same level of attention but when recruitment goes wrong there’s a price to pay, whether you’re running the executive branch of the United States Government or a start-up in a serviced office.

People want to be good at their jobs. They want to be respected and they want to fit in. Employers want those things too, but an alarming number of new starters “do a Scaramucci” and depart within days. Many more swiftly decide that their new company isn’t part of their long-term plans. To quote the CIPD:

“Even when people stay for a year or more, their decision to leave sooner rather than later is often taken in the first weeks of employment”


Without efficient onboarding and goal-setting, new employees may never fully understand the business they’re in or the contribution they could make to it. They may never reach the level of creativity or productivity they’re capable of, and as frustration mounts they may well put down their tools, switch off their computer and walk out of the door, never to return. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Jane Systems we take pride in helping clients bring new staff into the fold with HR software that enables you and your people to hit the ground running.

At recruitment stage, applicant details can be accepted from links to your website, electronically completed PDF forms and interfaces with external sites or agencies

When you find the right person, a new employee record is auto-generated for the successful applicant, saving you time and effort with onboarding

Employees are routinely prompted to improve their skills and flag up their learning requirements by the training triggers in the Jane Self-Service HR Portal

Of course, employees don’t always meet our expectations. Anthony Scaramucci raised eyebrows in Washington with an expletive-filled interview that alienated senior colleagues and baffled the public. We don’t know what measures American Presidents take to maintain discipline, but if our clients need to resolve an issue they can count on a system that doesn’t just record disciplinary procedures and employee grievances. It delivers the tools to monitor and rectify them.

Job starts and inductions can be stressful for everyone involved. Poor hiring decisions and inadequate training and monitoring processes may set teams back when they should be leaping forward.

Jane delivers a system that puts people first. We help you engage your staff from day one.

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