Higher Education

HE HR and Payroll Solutions

HR and Payroll for Higher Education

Jane’s education software clients prioritise a HR and payroll system that allows them to:

  • Design their own employee records for maximum user-friendliness and compliance
  • Show proof of inclusiveness and diversity in all employee interaction
  • Manage employees holding multiple posts with split-costing and NI aggregation
  • Seamlessly incorporate term-time only employees

Jane Systems delivers precisely what you need, with education HR software and education payroll software that saves your time, money and resources and helps you put your students first.

  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Faster employee onboarding
  • Diversity and inclusion front and centre
  • GDPR compliance safeguarded


Self Service Portal

Self Service provides a managed portal enabling all colleagues to interact directly with the Jane HR system, providing full autonomy over personal data and reducing the admin burden on your teams.

Employees can view payslips and forms, submit requests and manage personal preferences. This automates data collection for HR and Payroll administration, in addition to aiding future census submissions.

Absences and overtime claims can be managed in a paperless manner providing real time record keeping, resulting in significant efficiency savings and enhanced visibility.

Managers can administer team submissions and claims at the touch of a button, reducing approval times and keeping employees informed.


HR and Payroll Self Service Portal
Specialists in Human Resources and Payroll software.

HESA Staff Data

Jane will allow you to prepare a fully GDPR compliant HESA submission.

Our suite of modules enables the effective capture and management of census details, ensuring that it is presented in the format required, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Personal details, Qualifications, Contracts and Absences are all held and consolidated within Jane, ready to be utilised in your reporting.

Review your information and resolve errors efficiently, before completing your submission .

Single Central Record

Would you like additional confidence that you’re fully compliant with DfE guidance and are “Inspector ready” at all times? Our application can help you with that.

The Jane Single Central Record module ensures you are compliant with the statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safer recruitment and ultimately safeguarding children. 

Eliminate wasted time searching for missing data items in a cumbersome spreadsheet. 

Additional checks and reminders can be simply configured, tailoring the system to your own site-specific safeguarding practices. 

School Workforce Census Advice
Recruitment for Multi Academy Trusts


Our flexible and scalable recruitment solution allows your HR team to streamline the recruitment process, from advert through to successful appointment.

Using enhanced self-service functionality, line managers and HR professionals are involved in the complete recruitment cycle.

Managers can submit new vacancies and view applications, ensuring they contribute to the shortlisting of candidates, provide feedback at critical stages and the authorisation of offers and appointments. 

Open vacancies are presented via your recruitment site allowing candidate applications to be input directly into the Jane application, minimising data entry.

Absence Monitoring

Early action on absences ensures your team get your  support when it is needed most.

The Jane Absence Monitoring suite of features allows you to alert managers to absence triggers and programme relevant responses that ensure consistent application of your absence policies.

Instigated professional support meetings ensure sensitive issues are suitably approached with action plans agreed and recorded.


Multi Academy Tust and School Salary Statement

Salary Statements

Accurate and efficient delivery of salary statements instils confidence that all HR and Payroll are managed in the same way.

Jane makes salary statement production quick and easy whether it be for periodic delivery for all colleagues or in response to ad hoc requests.

By handling these repetitive and important tasks for you, Jane releases your time to invest in proactive HR and Payroll activities.