It’s been an up-and-down decade for Britain’s favourite pet.
In 2012 Pudsey, a border collie, won the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent by dancing to the theme from “Mission Impossible”.

In 2013 canine talents were put to more dubious use when a government language service contractor tried to falsify their staff figures by registering pet dogs as courtroom interpreters.

In 2014 the good times were back as “Pudsey, the Movie”., produced by Simon Cowell, hit British cinemas. Admittedly, with a thud.

And now?

An estimated 8.5 million dogs live in the UK, and their impact on owners’ lives is overwhelmingly positive. Today, more and more employers are open to the idea of extending this positive influence to the workplace.

Amazon and Google are famously pet-friendly, and this week Nestlé announced that its Gatwick office would be the first of its global HQs to officially welcome pets.
As part of its Pets at Work (PAW) programme, Nestlé has adapted its Gatwick office, creating an open-plan workplace where staff and their dogs can work together comfortably and happily.

The programme is a key component of Nestlé’s wider Health and Wellbeing agenda, and their own internal surveys have revealed that employees are happier, healthier and more productive when their pets are welcome in the workplace. Among the younger generation it’s seen as a notable positive, with 47% of 18-24 year-olds saying that in their eyes, bringing a pet to work is a valuable employment perk.

A series of studies have indicated that pet-friendly workplaces can reduce stress, improve performance and generally promote a “family” atmosphere of engagement and well-being. This strikes a chord with us at Jane Systems. Working in partnership with HR professionals, we admire their continuous efforts to make people feel comfortable and valued.

It’s our pleasure to contribute with a software solution that actively promotes employee engagement, motivation and self-starting performance improvement.

The Jane self-service portal gives employees access to their HR, payroll and training data, encouraging them to buy into their own career development. HR Managers have their workload reduced while retaining oversight and control. The result? Increased training activity, reduced admin downtime and a general sense of engagement, interactivity and pride in performance. Things just get better. You might say it’s the systems equivalent of bringing your pet to work.

Not every dog is a Pudsey, but animals don’t have to dance on their hind legs to make people happy and motivated. And yes, computer systems can help make people happy and motivated too. Contact Jane Systems and find out how.

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