This is a time of year when football fans debate the success or failure of their team’s dealings in the close-season transfer window. With a week to go Premier League clubs had spent a record £1.17bn on players, according to business analysts Deloitte. The final week of last year’s window saw £300 million change hands, so when the dust settles on Friday morning we could be looking at an overall Premier League summer shopping spree approaching £1.5 billion.

At midnight tomorrow the window closes. Does a looming deadline instill focus and controlled urgency, or just overwhelm us with blind panic?

Will you gamble on something overpriced and unreliable that adds no value, or will you make an investment that helps to secure your professional future? In football, as in all walks of life, it depends on how you plan and who you work with.

So are you a panic buyer or are you an investor?

Your business is growing. What started out as a handful of people is now a major employer with staff paid weekly and monthly depending on you to get things right.

Nothing is worth the professional embarrassment of cutting corners with a HR and payroll system only for your employees to be affected by mistake after mistake. Premier League footballers may have enough in the bank to cover a payroll error, but most of us don’t have that luxury. Most of us need our salary and pension figures calculated accurately and our mortgages paid. What are your options?

How about a cost-effective payroll software service that’s fully HMRC accredited, continuously adds new features tailored to your needs and delivers personalised training and ongoing support?

How about a payroll system that’s scalable to accommodate one employee or tens of thousands, and agile enough to give you swift validation of bank account numbers and sort codes so no one gets missed out on payday.

How about pension management you can count on, with expert handling of any number of pension scheme definitions?

How about a Jane payroll system?

Payroll management sometimes gets noticed for all the wrong reasons.
Jane payroll software helps you get noticed for the right ones.

The results?
Short term – Your goals are achieved and your people are paid accurately
Long term – A partner with a deep understanding of your business goals is committed to making your life easier, helping you reinforce the trust between employer and employee and keep your people happy, motivated and productive. Payroll software that delivers enhanced professional standing, accumulated value and, yes, deadlines met.

£1.5 billion is a lot to spend on a handful of men who kick a ball around, but there’s a bigger picture to consider. Manchester United’s spending is offset by lucrative commercial partnerships and the global appeal of the Premier League puts them in a strong bargaining position. Want access to United’s 325 million fans in the Asia Pacific region? It’ll cost you. Chevrolet pay £50 million a year for shirt sponsorship, and dating website Tinder is close to committing £12 million a year just to have a logo on players’ left sleeves. They’re paying a partner to add value, just as we all do.

You can meet your deadlines, meet your quality standards and make a solid investment in your long-term future with the support of a professional payroll system. A Jane payroll system.

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