There are some things the great British public has come to rely on.

Our football teams will lose penalty shoot-outs
Our favourite TV soap characters will end up being played by at least two different actors
Every fifteen minutes, the chimes of Big Ben will remind us of the time

Not any more.

Next Monday, August 21st, Big Ben will fall silent. London’s most famous monument is in need of renovation. It’s a big job, and Monday’s noon chimes will be the last we hear until 2021. It’ll be by far the longest silence since its opening 158 summers ago, and it’s a reminder of how much our lives have changed during that time. On July 11th 1859 Big Ben’s first chimes rang out to a world that had just seen Oregon admitted as the 33rd US State, and Charles Darwin was still four months away from publishing his Origin of Species. So when Big Ben first sounded, we knew nothing of the theory of evolution. Today we see examples of evolution in all areas of our lives.

The rights of individuals have certainly evolved over the past century and a half, and advances in technology raise issues that would have been unimaginable until recently.

The right to privacy has been debated endlessly, and those debates have led to sweeping legal changes. In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law, and it will change the way professional people communicate.

GDPR requires companies to gain specific, informed consent for use of employee data, and it gives individuals the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Jane software gives your people responsibility for maintaining their own employee records and keeps you 100% informed of any changes they make. What does that add up to?

Non-compliance with GDPR will cost you a fine of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of your global turnover. Jane Systems delivers fail-safe HR software tools that help you keep that money in your pocket.

Evolution can be a bumpy ride, and companies that don’t adapt to this new law will fall by the wayside. At Jane Systems we believe in being prepared, and like Charles Darwin we also believe in the survival of the fittest. When you work with Jane, you future-proof your business with a partner that doesn’t just accept change. We anticipate it, embrace it and make it our ally.

The chimes of Big Ben may not be around to welcome GDPR next year, but the clock is ticking. For some people that’s very bad news. For Jane Systems and our partners, it’s just another stage in our evolution.

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