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Global HRM systems market value set to double

The Human Resources Management sector is set to be one of the fastest growing sectors over the next 5 years


Research published this week by Vorwerk suggests that thirty is a landmark age for employee restlessness. It’s understandable. Crossing into the fourth decade gives us plenty to think about, and any appraisal of our achievements, status and general well-being should naturally include a good hard look at what we do with each working day.
Vorwerk’s research paints a picture of general dissatisfaction with working life in Britain. Just 13% of responders said they enjoyed their jobs, while 9% went so far as to say they hated them. Those are unsettling figures, but are employees really that disenchanted or are they merely taking the opportunity to blow off steam without consequences? We all get days when we’d rather be elsewhere and we’ve all heard colleagues say they “hate” a job or an employer in the heat of the moment but then display ample evidence to the contrary. We may choose not to take everything said in surveys literally, but we’d be unwise to ignore negative findings altogether.

Talking to them is a good start, and encouraging them to communicate interactively in the workplace is even better. The lack of suitable skills training and career development is a major factor in employee dissatisfaction, and one way to deliver a career path that people will find satisfying is to put them in charge of their own development. The Jane Self-Service portal does exactly that, giving your people access to their own records and encouraging them to shape their own training programmes. Managers stay in control of the process, with a “big picture” view of staff activity and the authority to sign off on and contribute to development plans.

Hitting a landmark age – whether it’s […]

If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

Jane Systems stays on the cutting edge of HR and payroll software service by asking customers what they think. When we ask you for feedback that includes any suggestions you have for ways that we can make your working lives easier and more productive. Today’s article is a summary of the feedback we’ve received in recent months. If you’re a Jane customer you may well recognise some of these points, and please feel free to add to them. If you’re not a Jane customer, we welcome any thoughts you’d like to share.

What are your biggest concerns as a HR manager?

I’m constantly trying to balance efficiency with concern for people’s welfare. It’s not easy.

No it isn’t, which is why HR management is such a specialised role, and it helps when you have specialised support. At Jane Systems we believe efficient systems can deliver a platform for greater interpersonal contact and cooperation

I seem to be seen as the “bad guy” when it comes to disciplinary issues. I don’t care about personal popularity but I don’t want employees to feel like they’re in an “us and them” situation with management.

Antagonism between staff and management can cause lasting damage. We believe a HR system should help you monitor potential disciplinary issues, flag up patterns that may become an issue and enable you to nip these problems in the bud. It’s not enough just to make a note of what’s wrong. Jane gives you the tools to put things right.

How do you believe GDPR will affect your day to day working life, and what steps are you taking to stay compliant?

It will affect us in a range […]