How can we compete as an economy?

How can you compete as an employer?

These questions are of course closely intertwined. And while the answers may not always be simple, one fact holds true. For all the external factors that influence our fate, in the end we need to make the best use of the talent available to us. Recent surveys indicate pessimism in the business community. Not because we lack innovation or entrepreneurial spark, but because we may lack enough suitably skilled and qualified people to convert that spark into profit.

This week saw the publication of a revealing CBI report. Three quarters of employers expect their need for high level skills to increase notably in the coming years, but a majority doubt that job applicants will meet that need. In addition, 42% were dissatisfied with the business acumen of their graduate recruits, while 33% were unhappy with the attitudes, behaviours and character displayed in the workplace.

The rise of artificial intelligence is forecast to make a wide variety of roles obsolete, but the need for game-changing human talent will only intensify.

The qualities employers will be relying on -
business acumen, self-motivation and interpersonal skills
– are those they believe are already in chronically short supply.

No service partner can wave a magic wand and change the nature of the job market, but the best service partners can give you a serious competitive edge. When there’s a shortage of talent, your recruitment and onboarding procedures need to be pin-sharp. That’s where Jane Systems comes in.

Jane recruitment software delivers your best chance of securing the best available talent. It enables the widest possible sourcing of applicant details, the most precise skill-matching and a tailored suitability analysis of internal and external candidates.

Put simply, if someone can do the job and add the value your business needs, Jane recruitment software will help you find them.

With legal compliance an ongoing priority, Jane recruitment software sets your mind at rest with equal opportunity reporting built in as standard. And when you find the right person, you don’t have to endure the frustration of a long-drawn-out onboarding process. Jane uses the information you’ve gathered while recruiting to auto-generate an instant employee record for the successful candidate. A detailed cost and time breakdown will show you what the process cost you, objectively gauge the quality and suitability of the applicants sourced and measure the success of the resources used.

At a time when skill-shortages are a genuine concern for the business community, Jane recruitment software delivers the best available candidates during the optimum time-frame with the most efficient possible use of your resources.

Yes, Britain’s got talent. But has it got enough to go around? If you get your recruitment and onboarding procedures right, it won’t be your problem.
Jane Systems is here to help you do exactly that.

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