Late November news reports are quick to emphasise the commercial potential of “Black Friday” for British and American retailers. What began as an exclusively American Thanksgiving tradition has now been embraced far more widely.

Every high street and shopping mall seems to have anecdotes of customers being trampled underfoot as retailers keep their doors open until midnight. But online shoppers are just as busy.

In recent years we’ve seen the websites of UK retailers such as Argos, Currys, Tesco Direct and John Lewis almost grind to a halt on the day after Thanksgiving, with buyers stuck in endless virtual queues. But the biggest lesson of November 24th won’t be how long people have to wait in virtual queues but how many of them are lining up to do it. Retail analysts are forecasting that year on year online trade will increase by as much as 500%. We’re not just showing our appreciation of technology in the way we shop; this appreciation extends to what we’re actually buying. Giants such as Amazon have begun cutting prices of flagship products early, whipping up consumer excitement for the big day. Anyone waiting for the right moment to buy a Fire Stick or Kindle may be tempted by what’s on offer, and the Amazon Echo line looks like being a huge Autumn seller.

Are British retailers ready for the rush? Whether you’re trading onsite or online, you won’t get far without employee commitment and support. Hiring the right team is a good start, and complementing their skills with the right HR system is a logical next step.

Does your current HR software

• Enable creation of employee records from any source?
• Allow you to design user-defined fields to suit your needs?
• Show you the big picture with performance monitoring, absence monitoring, holiday allowance calculation and pension contribution analysis?
• Interface with existing payroll systems efficiently and securely?
• HR query tool selects and filters your data and delivers the report you want
• Deliver advanced data filtering to generate exactly the reports you want?

In other words, is your HR software keeping pace with a changing world in which consumer expectations and employee expectations aren’t following traditional patterns?

We believe the surest way to stay ahead of the curve is to seek out reliable partners whose values and standards match your own. Two decades of quality service across the public, private and non-profit sectors tell the story of Jane’s success in turning what’s possible into what’s profitable. We’re looking well beyond Black Friday. Let us help you prepare for a golden future.

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