Yesterday the Taylor Review, a government report on British working practices, made its recommendations. It didn’t please everyone, but the findings gave us a useful snapshot of working life in modern Britain

Low paid workers may be in danger of getting stuck at minimum wage level and facing insecurity over their future

People who don’t fit into traditional pigeonholes of employment or self-employment made need to be recategorized as “dependent contractors” and given suitable employment protection.

Many people believe Britain has a good record for job creation, but a less impressive record when it comes to safeguarding the quality of those jobs.

'There are too many people at work who are treated like cogs in a machine rather than being human beings, and there are too many people who don't see a route from their current job to progress and earn more and do better' ~ Matthew Taylor

We all want fair wages and fair career opportunities. Those things need more than good intentions and good law behind them. They also need the protection of robust, high-quality management. When employers assess the Taylor Review and look at their own day to day practices, there are key questions worth asking:

Does your HR system encourage your staff to take responsibility for their future, take pride in their performance and have confidence in their career development?

Does your software provider meet every current legislative standard and offer you expertise in coping with upcoming changes to employment law?

Does your payroll system automate complex processes, allowing you to run monthly, fortnightly and weekly payrolls, saving time and giving your managers the freedom to manage?

Does your software help you make the employment process efficient and motivational at every stage from recruitment to retirement?

To cut a long story short, are you currently operating with a flexible, economical and people-focused HR and payroll solution that actively supports employee engagement and legal compliance?

If you are, congratulations on being a Jane Systems customer and thank you for your support.

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We all want fair wages and fair career opportunities. Wherever you stand on UK employment law, Jane Systems will help you abide by it and give your workforce the fair and motivational treatment you want them to have.

We hope the economy will deliver better jobs and better pay.
And we know Jane will keep delivering better systems.

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