If education is the bridge to a fair society and a thriving, future-proof economy, then teachers build that bridge. They deserve our admiration and support and they deserve to be paid well for their efforts.

But do they deserve £1.5 million a month? One Lincolnshire school employee was almost given that very pleasant surprise earlier this year when their outsourced payroll service delivered a string of errors. If overpaying some people to the tune of a lottery win is embarrassing, failing to pay others at all is shockingly negligent. With Britain’s teachers putting in typical working weeks of 55-65 hours, the idea of dedicated professionals somehow being forgotten on payday doesn’t bear thinking about.

So how can it be happening?

In April 2015 Lincolnshire County Council awarded a £70 million contract to a single HR and finance systems provider. The contract holder, an outsource giant with a global turnover in excess of £3 billion, seemed to have ample experience and resource for the task. But a succession of business-critical failures led to them marking the first anniversary of the partnership by issuing the Council with a £1.2 million service credit.

Such a costly embarrassment in year one should have provided the motivation to get things right, but years two and three don’t seem to have gone much better. Thousands of employees whose hard work keeps the lights on and the engines running for the county’s public services can’t be sure they’ll be paid accurately, if at all.


We don’t like to be critical and we certainly don’t gloat when we see others struggle, but there are good reasons why Jane Systems is a public and private sector partner of choice and we’d like to share them.

When an interactive HR system encourages people to take responsibility for their careers and have confidence in their professional development, just watch how quickly they begin to feel more valued.

When HR and payroll software meets every legislative standard and smooths the path towards accurate administration from recruitment to retirement, just watch your productivity rise and your staff turnover fall

When your system automates complex processes and allows you to run monthly, fortnightly and weekly payrolls with guaranteed accuracy and timely remuneration, just watch what doesn’t happen.

You don’t damage good relationships through bad practice

You don’t lose good people through avoidable mistakes

You don’t make news headlines for all the wrong reasons

Whether you’re a public sector giant or a private sector SME, the principles of service don’t change. If your current systems provider needs to go back to school to learn how to keep your staff happy, maybe it’s time to talk to the grownups. The good news is, we’re right here.

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