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Actual Reality

Three years ago, during a trip to Beijing, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously reached out to potential customers in China by conducting a public question and answer session entirely in Mandarin. Zuckerberg is by any standard a capable person, and having a Chinese speaking wife gave him a useful head start in learning this complex language, but his error-strewn effort was met with scorn. Unfair perhaps, but it was no surprise to see a public figure get a roasting for attempting something difficult and falling short.

This week Zuckerberg put his head above the parapet again, and once more he found himself under fire. His response to the damage caused to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria was to create a cartoon version of himself and take a virtual reality tour of the devastated island.

There’s ample evidence of Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy, but for many people this latest incident showed a disconnect from the reality of how people live their lives and cope with problems. Zuckerberg himself has expressed a preference for virtual reality over the real world problems we all have to face. Again, that certainly doesn’t make him a bad person but for most employers, even those at the cutting edge of technical development, dealing with these everyday problems is part of the routine. For employers who go out of their way to help their people resolve issues it’s not a chore but something to be proud of. Actual reality – working hard every day to create a positive, supportive environment where people can thrive – is actually pretty terrific.

At Jane Systems we’re proud to work hand in glove with public and private sector leaders who take every opportunity to make […]


Research published this week by Vorwerk suggests that thirty is a landmark age for employee restlessness. It’s understandable. Crossing into the fourth decade gives us plenty to think about, and any appraisal of our achievements, status and general well-being should naturally include a good hard look at what we do with each working day.
Vorwerk’s research paints a picture of general dissatisfaction with working life in Britain. Just 13% of responders said they enjoyed their jobs, while 9% went so far as to say they hated them. Those are unsettling figures, but are employees really that disenchanted or are they merely taking the opportunity to blow off steam without consequences? We all get days when we’d rather be elsewhere and we’ve all heard colleagues say they “hate” a job or an employer in the heat of the moment but then display ample evidence to the contrary. We may choose not to take everything said in surveys literally, but we’d be unwise to ignore negative findings altogether.

Talking to them is a good start, and encouraging them to communicate interactively in the workplace is even better. The lack of suitable skills training and career development is a major factor in employee dissatisfaction, and one way to deliver a career path that people will find satisfying is to put them in charge of their own development. The Jane Self-Service portal does exactly that, giving your people access to their own records and encouraging them to shape their own training programmes. Managers stay in control of the process, with a “big picture” view of staff activity and the authority to sign off on and contribute to development plans.

Hitting a landmark age – whether it’s […]

If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

Jane Systems stays on the cutting edge of HR and payroll software service by asking customers what they think. When we ask you for feedback that includes any suggestions you have for ways that we can make your working lives easier and more productive. Today’s article is a summary of the feedback we’ve received in recent months. If you’re a Jane customer you may well recognise some of these points, and please feel free to add to them. If you’re not a Jane customer, we welcome any thoughts you’d like to share.

What are your biggest concerns as a HR manager?

I’m constantly trying to balance efficiency with concern for people’s welfare. It’s not easy.

No it isn’t, which is why HR management is such a specialised role, and it helps when you have specialised support. At Jane Systems we believe efficient systems can deliver a platform for greater interpersonal contact and cooperation

I seem to be seen as the “bad guy” when it comes to disciplinary issues. I don’t care about personal popularity but I don’t want employees to feel like they’re in an “us and them” situation with management.

Antagonism between staff and management can cause lasting damage. We believe a HR system should help you monitor potential disciplinary issues, flag up patterns that may become an issue and enable you to nip these problems in the bud. It’s not enough just to make a note of what’s wrong. Jane gives you the tools to put things right.

How do you believe GDPR will affect your day to day working life, and what steps are you taking to stay compliant?

It will affect us in a range […]

Current Vacancies

One of the UK’s leading specialist software providers is seeking a skilled Software Training Consultant to help us continue our expansion.

• Jane Systems, the UK’s partner of choice for HR and Payroll software

• Confident, presentable and a proven communicator
• An experienced payroll professional – either managing a company payroll or delivering payroll systems training
• Able to analyse client requirements, tailor training programs to their needs, build strong working relationships and proactively solve problems
• Ideally experienced in software implementation and training

• Plan and deliver client training programs
• Be a brand ambassador with prestigious UK-wide clients
• Create and tailor user-friendly training material
• Be a trusted point of contact for client support
• Maintain your knowledge of current HR and Payroll legislation
• Be based in Swansea with regular travel to customer sites throughout the UK
• Add your own skills and personality to a friendly, dedicated team and be an important, well-rewarded part of a major business success story

• Jane Systems, the UK’s partner of choice for HR and Payroll software

• An enthusiastic 3rd year undergraduate or a post graduate in an ICT-related subject
• Proficient in VB, .NET, C# or .NET
• A creative, can-do problem solver
• A communicative, dependable team-player

• Gain experience in all aspects of software development
• Manage projects from analysis and specification through to coding, testing and implementation
• Learn new skills and help us stay on the cutting edge of industry developments

Flexible hours are available to fit in with your studies

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Uber’s Challenging September

Uber are getting that message from all directions, and it’s made September a challenging month for them. The transport company turned over $20 billion in 2016, but its dramatic growth has been threatened by Transport for London’s decision to revoke its London licence.

Most of us who’ve lived and worked in London over the past five years will know people who believe Uber has made their lives safer, offering a secure journey home when there were limited alternatives available. Thousands of Londoners have signed petitions in support of Uber this month for that exact reason. The other side of that argument is the accusation of sex discrimination by a female driver that’s hit the headlines this week. The driver claims that Uber is putting her and other women at risk, arguing that drivers don’t know a passenger’s destination until they are in the car, and if the journey is to a remote or unsafe area the driver has no option to cancel the journey. If passengers behave aggressively in the car, the driver can’t ask them to leave without risking a complaint and a low customer rating that could jeopardise their chances of future work.

To compound matters, Uber is appealing a legal ruling that its drivers should be considered workers rather than self-employed independent contractors. The appeal takes place today, and will go a long way to deciding whether drivers should be entitled to benefits such as sick pay and the minimum wage.

Critics argue that Uber’s policies offer insufficient protection to female drivers, and insufficient rights to all drivers. The company has countered with a survey that suggests most drivers enjoy working for them, and CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has now gone further, writing […]

Game Changers

Premier League footballers and clubs are easy targets for criticism. Many are accused of being detached from their communities, but there are times when players and clubs reach out with inspiring results.

This week Arsenal FC launched a startup innovation lab, working in partnership with local businesses to create positive experiences for fans and develop projects that will showcase technical talent. The ten-week programme will see young entrepreneurs mentored by senior business managers from the club and given the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services, with the possibility of investment in the most promising ideas.

The reality is that, like Arsenal and England’s other 91 professional league clubs, startups are under pressure to get results every week. The invoice that doesn’t get paid, the terms and conditions that don’t get signed or the employee who doesn’t turn up for work can make a game-changing difference to a small company’s prospects. Initiatives such as Arsenal’s are a massive help, and there are straightforward steps every organisation can take to protect itself.

The HR software that builds inclusiveness into your recruitment procedures and delivers seamless onboarding for new starters.

The payroll software that ensures every member of staff is paid accurately and on time, whether they’re part time or full time, paid weekly or monthly.

The integrated system that encourages individuals and departments to work together, motivates employees to improve performance and frees up management time.

Jane Systems is partner of choice to public and private sector clients who value innovation and performance. These clients range from “premier league” market leaders to smaller companies finding their way in a highly competitive world. Each organisation has its own priorities, but they all want precision and functionality in their HR and payroll […]

The £13 Million Question

Thriving SMEs are crucial to economic success and at a time when business confidence seems to be fluctuating, Britain’s entrepreneurs need to maximise their opportunities. In a recent report, the Lloyds Bank Business in Britain review indicated that confidence among SMEs had grown in the first half of 2017. Their “confidence index” measuring expectations of sales and profits rose by 10%, but there was a downside. Over 50% of companies surveyed now say they are struggling to hire skilled employees.

The CIPD have a solution. They want to expand their People Skills Initiative. This scheme has provided a sample group of employers with free part-time HR support, and in many cases it’s laid the foundation for success. In Glasgow, 400 small companies were aided with such good results that the city council kept funding the programme after the trial run ended. Measurable improvements in employee relations, productivity and bottom line profit all tell the same positive story.

To make this a UK-wide initiative would cost £13 million a year. Will the money be found?

We admire the CIPD’s efforts and our systems dovetail perfectly with their initiatives. The Jane solution is tried and tested, and won’t cost anyone £13 million.

The Jane Recruitment and Staff Development Modules offer a complete lifecycle solution allowing teams of any size to streamline their hiring processes. Cutting edge skill-matching software fits job applicants to your business needs, delivering tailored analysis of external and internal candidates. If they can do the job, we help you find them.

The Jane Self-Service Portal has been praised by clients across all sectors as a tool that actively encourages employees to take responsibility for their working lives, leading to an increase in training activity, […]

The TripAdvisor Test

Consistency in staff treatment, with the same reasonable rules applied to everyone.

Consistency of temperament, with praise and criticism given according to performance, not according to moods.

Loyalty to people who’ve earned it, and respect for those whose hard work has helped build your business.

Preferably not sacking an employee of nine years’ standing on the strength of a negative TripAdvisor Review. Not sacking them without hearing both sides of the story. And not sacking them publicly, via the TripAdvisor website.

The rise of review sites has given consumers an influential voice. This has obvious plus points, but when livelihoods are on the line impulsive reactions serve no one’s best interests. This week Howard and Lucy Spooner, owners of The Outside Chance gastro pub, have come under fire for what appears to be the knee-jerk sacking of a waitress on the strength of a negative customer review. Mrs Spooner replied to the review by stating “Please rest assured that waitress will be sacked today”.

Where do we start? From a HR perspective, this is a nightmare of blaming instead of training, condemnation instead of evaluation. A panicky attempt to appear customer-focused has made an employer appear high-handed, irrational and deeply disloyal. The message to staff is that even after years of service they are effectively one negative comment away from the sack.

The owners of The Outside Chance were given a test, and they failed it.

How would the rest of us fare? Would you pass the TripAdvisor test?
The good news is, you don’t have to face it alone.

Employers have every right to monitor staff performance. We think they have a duty to do it, and it’s our pleasure to help them. Jane HR software enables you to record […]

Deadline Day

This is a time of year when football fans debate the success or failure of their team’s dealings in the close-season transfer window. With a week to go Premier League clubs had spent a record £1.17bn on players, according to business analysts Deloitte. The final week of last year’s window saw £300 million change hands, so when the dust settles on Friday morning we could be looking at an overall Premier League summer shopping spree approaching £1.5 billion.

At midnight tomorrow the window closes. Does a looming deadline instill focus and controlled urgency, or just overwhelm us with blind panic?

So are you a panic buyer or are you an investor?

Your business is growing. What started out as a handful of people is now a major employer with staff paid weekly and monthly depending on you to get things right.

Nothing is worth the professional embarrassment of cutting corners with a HR and payroll system only for your employees to be affected by mistake after mistake. Premier League footballers may have enough in the bank to cover a payroll error, but most of us don’t have that luxury. Most of us need our salary and pension figures calculated accurately and our mortgages paid. What are your options?

How about a cost-effective payroll software service that’s fully HMRC accredited, continuously adds new features tailored to your needs and delivers personalised training and ongoing support?

How about a payroll system that’s scalable to accommodate one employee or tens of thousands, and agile enough to give you swift validation of bank account numbers and sort codes so no one gets missed out on payday.

How about pension management you can count on, with expert handling of any number of pension scheme definitions? […]

Britain’s Got Talent

How can we compete as an economy?

How can you compete as an employer?

These questions are of course closely intertwined. And while the answers may not always be simple, one fact holds true. For all the external factors that influence our fate, in the end we need to make the best use of the talent available to us. Recent surveys indicate pessimism in the business community. Not because we lack innovation or entrepreneurial spark, but because we may lack enough suitably skilled and qualified people to convert that spark into profit.

This week saw the publication of a revealing CBI report. Three quarters of employers expect their need for high level skills to increase notably in the coming years, but a majority doubt that job applicants will meet that need. In addition, 42% were dissatisfied with the business acumen of their graduate recruits, while 33% were unhappy with the attitudes, behaviours and character displayed in the workplace.

The rise of artificial intelligence is forecast to make a wide variety of roles obsolete, but the need for game-changing human talent will only intensify.

No service partner can wave a magic wand and change the nature of the job market, but the best service partners can give you a serious competitive edge. When there’s a shortage of talent, your recruitment and onboarding procedures need to be pin-sharp. That’s where Jane Systems comes in.

Jane recruitment software delivers your best chance of securing the best available talent. It enables the widest possible sourcing of applicant details, the most precise skill-matching and a tailored suitability analysis of internal and external candidates.

With legal compliance an ongoing priority, Jane recruitment software sets your mind at rest with equal opportunity reporting built in as […]